THE ATOMIC BEAU - Project 'Fall To The Beast' In New Single/Video Dealing With Chronic Disorder

The Atomic Beau Project return with their new single and video! The Brisbane-based outfit bring the new single to light to speak to the world about a terrifying and unsettling disorder experienced by vocalist Beau. The new single will be released into the world on Friday October 29th and can be pre-saved now at

‘Fall To The Beast’ portrays lead singer Beau’s battle with depersonalisation/derealisation disorder, a chronic condition where your own life and body feel like a dream, and devoid of all colour. In line with the band’s contrasting sound of dark/heavy instrumentals against soft, delicate vocals, the track depicts the protagonist's struggle against the beast of depersonalisation and derealisation, but finds herself turning the tides on the beast and fighting a noble fight.

Vocalist Beau says "On the surface, Fall To The Beast is a heavy hitter reminiscent of Arch Enemy, Poppy, and Spiritbox, but it’s actually the most personal, meaningful track we’ve written to date. Depersonalisation and Derealisation are terrifying when they hit, and before I knew what this bizarre experience was, it was like the whole world had shifted off its axis. Now I’m wiser, and I’ve got my way of dealing with it and turning it into a positive. That’s the story behind this track, it’s the internal fight we all have with our internal beasts."

The accompanying video clip depicts the contrast between the vividness of a normal life, and the colourless experience of depersonalisation and derealisation.

The track features vocalist Max Van Heusden laying down brutal heavy screams that complement Beau’s ambient, haunting vocals.

Musically, the track draws on the band’s broad inspirations, including elements of thrash, drum and bass, metalcore, electronica, and hard rock. In line with the band’s DIY ethos, the writing, production, and mixing are all done in-house, allowing the band to fully explore their artistic musical direction. The track is mastered by Lance Prenc (Polaris, Alpha Wolf, Gravemind), and the distinctive video was created by Max Van Heusden.

With 2021 launching The Atomic Beau Project into the live Australian music scene, the band has continued to grow in reputation, having shared the stage with Australian music legends Cog, Redhook, Voyager, and Osaka Punch, and receiving extensive airplay on triple J, triple J unearthed, MMM Hard N Heavy and more.

In addition, the band draws on their unique fan base stemming from the SCP universe; an online community consisting of millions of science fiction writers and fans who write about a fictional secret organisation. The Atomic Beau Project first drew notice from this unique community after releasing 2 tracks based on literature written by fans from the universe.