SOULTHIEF - Release New Video "Captains Log, Final Entry"

Gatineau, Ottawa-based Hardcore/Metal outfit, SOULTHIEF have released a new single and music video "Captains Log, Final Entry."

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The band commented:

"Captain's Log: Final Entry tells a story, one about the inner-struggle of living with su* cidal thoughts everyday. These dark themes are however channeled through a refreshing new hardcore sound blending old-school thrash and new-school breakdowns. Taking influences from well-established bands such as Stray From the Path, Dead & Divine, Sworn Enemy or Alpha Wolf, we believe this song is a great example of not only the energy we are capable of, but of what listeners can expect from us in the future. Long story short, this one's a headbanger, and don't miss out!"

Pummeling out of Gatineau/Ottawa, the 5-piece hardcore outfit Soulthief bring pure aggression and energy to the table. Formed in 2021 amidst the middle of the pandemic, the band is more than eager to climb on stage and show off what they're made of.