SMASH HIT COMBO - Release New Single Video "Mirage"

French Nu-Metal Djent outfit, SMASH HIT COMBO have released a new music video for their single "Mirage", taken from the EP "Reboot".  

Get it now:

What would have happened if LINKIN PARK would have continued with their nu metal of the 2000s by adding modern Djent-sounds as well as a theme revolving around the video games culture, all sprinkled with cynical punchlines and dark humor. The new EP album of SMASH HIT COMBO would clearly be the worthy heir.

After their latest successful album "L33T" which gave a big high kick to the nu metal genre, after their many tours in France, Japan, Russia and Canada, as well as many shows with bands like LIMP BIZKIT, GOJIRA , WALLS OF JERICHO, HACKTIVIST or MASS HYSTERIA, SMASH HIT COMBO are coming back with this uncompromising EP and are determined to beat all the end bosses to place their new source code at the top of the international nu metal page.