RELICS - Share New Single Video "Indigo"

Often times when people talk about feeling down or being depressed they use the common term "feeling blue." Indiana metalcore band Relics chose to name their latest single "Indigo" because indigo is a broad spectrum of color that can sometimes look more blue or more purple. Just like the color is a spectrum, so is depression. Not everyone who is depressed or suicidal acts the same way, feels the same way, or looks the same way.

The cathartic track is accompanied with a music video that sees vocalist Jeff Scott at a family dinner screaming the lyrics at his family members, confessing that he's not okay, while his family members are so distracted by their own happy conversations that they don't even notice the cry for help.

"The female lead actress in the video is representing Jeff's conscious," says the band. "She is Jeff. The Indigo paint on her hands is the visual representation of the 'Depression' that he is feeling."

Hailing from Indianapolis, Relics is made up of Jeff Scott(Vocals), Colton Martin(Guitar/Vocals), Calvin Caplinger(Guitar), and Grayson Mesarosh(Drums). The band released their first single in 2018 and quickly started building a local following playing with acts such as Fit For a King, Silent Planet, Hollow Front, etc. Jeff Scott is the newest addition to the band. Jeff joined the band in March of 2021 as the lead vocalist. Indigo is the first piece of Relics music being released with Jeff screaming on it.

Listen to the single "Indigo" now on Spotify.