MONOSPHERE - Reveal Video For New Single "The Marionette"

German Post-Metal outfit, Monosphere have released a new single and music video "The Marionette".

“The Marionette“ is an intense journey through depressing atmospheres and mesmerizing soundscapes full of emotions that finish the narrative storyline of “The Puppeteer”.

Monosphere’s astounding DIY-done animation music videos for “The Puppeteer” ( and “I Am In Control, Pt. I” ( opened the narrative of the same-titled concept album. Telling the story of a fictional character and his partner. In “The Marionette”, the character decides to kill their partner and burn them down in the woods, which is shown in the narrative of the video. The act itself is a result of hate, mistrust and human failure and is the climax of “The Puppeteer”’s story line.

The song itself is calm and atmospheric, opening up with different layers of synths and soundscapes, such as a fire burning. Mostly clean, Monosphere build up on a groove and a post-metal vibe that might fit the sound of Culf Of Luna and The Ocean at some times, only to end in an abrasive doom section inspired by Amenra. The repeating riffs make this song an impactful and disturbing listen that breaks free from any chains and shows the band’s ability to play with different genres. In direct comparison to the metalcore-driven first single “The Puppeteer” and the tech/prog death sounding second single “I Am In Control, Pt. I”, Monosphere now focus on an emotional level that hasn’t been as present before, as drummer Rodney Fuchs comments. “’The Marionette’ is by far the most emotional track on the album and is both: a satisfying, but also disturbing end to a dramatic story.” “The Marionette“ isn’t actually the last song of the album, but the last song of the album’s first half, which narrates the story line from the protagonists perspective. A perspective full of hatred, suffering and evil.

Mixed by Phil Kaase ( and mastered by Brad Boatright ( Rolo Tomassi, Stranger Things OST and many more), Monosphere present themselves in their sonically most striking production. The music video, which was once again fully done by singer Kevin Ernst, is another proof of the band’s unrestingly ambition and DIY-ethic.