LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES - Share New Single "Views From Halfway Down"

US Metalcore giants Like Moths To Flames have announced their upcoming EP "Pure Like Porcelain" will be released on Friday, November 5. Today the band released a second single "Views From Halfway Down"

Speaking of the full EP, Roetter explains that "Pure Like Porcelain"’s title is an ironic take on the impurity and imperfection of humans. The vocalist admits this was his first time writing more descriptive and detailed lyrics rather than clinging to generalised threads. On "Gnashing Teeth" he describes a dysfunctional relationship with religion, and on "Views From Halfway Down" he writes of struggling with a mindset he knows is bad for him - and broadly, how humans often live in cycles of pain, addicted to behaviours we know are bad for us.

Demonstrating the fervent new lifeblood to be found in the Moths camp, "Pure like Porcelain" is out November 5 via UNFD.



1. Ameliorate 
2. Views From Halfway Down 
3. The Preservation Of Hate 
4. Gnashing Teeth 
5. Do Not Resuscitate