lastnewchapter. - Present New Single "The End Of Me"

Turkish Metalcore project lastnewchapter. has released a new single "The End Of Me".

“lastnewchapter” is an up and coming Metalcore project from the northwest of Turkey with a sound compared to that of greats such as That’s Outrageous!, The Gift Of Ghosts and I See Stars. The musical style self dubbed as “glitchcore” aims to give the songs a cinematic feel with a strong emphasis on emotion accompanied by lyrics that keep it real as a stance against the fakeness prominent in today’s music scene. The project’s name is a referance to the creator’s self promise to give this final try everything he’s got and nail it after many failed attempts at making soulful heavy music that can be moshed to and cried to at the same time. lastnewchapter is the last new chapter, let’s see how it enfolds. More to come soon.