GIANT WALKER - Release Video For Debut Single "The Fact In Fiction"

Giant Walker release their first single, ’The Fact in Fiction’ on DSP’s on 15th October 2021. The song sets the tone for the rest of the release cycle; powerful riffs, hypnotic vocals and a weighty rhythm section, that drives the entire track and captivates you long after its closure. The band have already picked up coverage in their short time with the likes of BBC, Metal Sucks, Total Rock Radio, GigRadar, The Faction, Distortion Radio, Rock Meeting, and many other respected publications. The band play their debut show at The Black Heart in London with Black Orchid Empire and North Atlas on the 31st October.

Vocalist Steff Fish explains, “The title is drawn from the subtle truths and parallels that exist in a dystopian fiction and the slippery slope to them becoming actuality. The song questions just how in control of your life you really are and the reality of being put at a disadvantage through other people’s actions and incompetence.”

Giant Walker are a Heavy Progressive Rock band from Newcastle, UK. After individually relocating 300 miles to further develop their craft, the Geordie quartet was coincidentally born in the South, bound together by their northern heritage and a shared love for bands such as Karnivool, Soundgarden, Radiohead and Deftones. Written during the 2020 lockdown, their upcoming releases feature themes of self isolation and a dystopian reality. Their music captures the many lows of loneliness and tips a hat to the music that gets you through hard times; sweeping you up in a conceptual journey, from giant riffs to melancholic melodies, and ambient soundscapes. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman) at the Ranch and Stakeout Studios, Giant Walker have stitched together a sound, woven from the fabric of their influences, that can't be found elsewhere.