FATHOM FAREWELL - Release Heartfelt New Video “Save Your Breath”

Boston's Fathom Farewell will be unleashing their new EP “Kraken” on October 22nd via Blood Blast Distribution. Before it officially drops, the New England metalcore powerhouse is sharing the latest music video for the single “Save Your Breath”, a track about being misunderstood, which is a common theme that has followed band founder and vocalist Alex Cohen throughout his life as he explains in further detail:

“From as long ago as I can remember I have been very energetic and maybe to some even at times overbearing. I’ve learned over time how to filter some of my actions based on who I’m around so I don’t interfere with their natural process of getting to know me. However, before I had a proper grasp on who I am, I definitely rubbed people the wrong way at times without intending to. I feel pit bulls specifically experience this every day. They are some of the most compassionate, empathetic and caring creatures we have on the planet and yet due to the misbehavior of a small few they are stigmatized as vicious and threatening. This was the main point I was considering when writing the song, I want it to be a voice for anything or anyone that’s persecuted for being misunderstood.”

The music video for “Save Your Breath” was premiered via Outburn Magazine and you can now see it below!

Fathom Farewell's new EP “Kraken” was produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Piquette of No Boundaries Studios and the album artwork was done by Dixon of Intuitive Design. It will be the fourth release from the band following Consume The Earth (2019), Decomposition (2017) and Drowning Limits (2015).

Lyrically, the “Kraken” touches upon many things from our relationship to ourselves to our relationship to each other, through a metaphor of mental health being represented by an unfathomable sea creature.

Heartfelt, and powerful, Fathom Farewell is recommended for fans of Coheed & Cambria, System of a Down and Northlane.

“Kraken” is out now via Blood Blast Distribution.

EP digital pre-save - https://backl.ink/148090012

Track Listing:

1. Kraken (3:46) 
2. Eulogy (4:21) 
3. In Time (2:54) 
4. Nameless City (3:48) 
5. Save Your Breath (3:06)