FATHOM FAREWELL - Experience Metalcore Tinged Lovecraftian Horror With New Single “Nameless City”

The latest release for New England metalcore act Fathom Farewell is the lyric video for the fourth single “Nameless City” off their upcoming EP “Kraken”. The band took their favorite five tracks from a pool of demos that would cohesively work together to come up with the new record and have high expectations for its reception as they explain:

“Well, we’ve had the great fortune to perform the new stuff a few times for a live audience and let’s just say they never went even half this hard for the old material. I’ve never been more confident in any musical release I’ve been a part of in my almost 2 decades playing music. They’re gonna love it as much as we do.”

The single “Nameless City” was entirely inspired by an HP Lovecraft short story of the same name. This story focuses on a lone explorer traversing the ruins of an ancient city with no name. The farther he dives into the city, the more devious it seems, growing narrower, and damper, and darker until the explorer notices large reptiles emerging from the darkness while the light dies. The story’s imagery and environment description comes alive with heavy breakdowns and intense vocals.

The writing process for Fathom Farewell is very simple and streamlined. Vocalist Alex Cohen writes all lyrics; guitarist Steve Almon wrote the instrumentals for this past EP, presented it to the band and they laid everything down seamlessly. Moving forward, new guitarist James Frost, bassist Dustin Black, guitarist Chantz Mello and drummer Casey Albiero will be contributing instrumentals. In order to alleviate pressure, they stay far ahead of each release in terms of writing. Lyrical inspiration comes from Cohen’s environment, things that concern or inspire him to speak out on certain subjects whether it be mental health or oppression or even just a good ol’ concept track like this single.

Those looking for a new take on metalcore should find Fathom Farewell of interest, especially those with an interest in August Burns Red, Coheed & Cambria, and System of a Down.

The lyric video for “Nameless City” can be heard/seen below and was premiered by MetalInsider.

“Kraken” will be out on October 22, 2021 via Blood Blast Distribution.

EP digital pre-save - https://backl.ink/148090012

Track Listing:

1. Kraken (3:46) 
2. Eulogy (4:21) 
3. In Time (2:54) 
4. Nameless City (3:48) 
5. Save Your Breath (3:06)