FAMILY DEVOTION MURDER - Release Lyric Video For Single "Banditismo"

Italian Modern Metal outfit, FAMILY DEVOTION MURDER have released a lyric video for the single "Banditismo", taken from the new "Tentacles".

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Family Devontion Murder is born in February 2020, in contrast with the times we are living in trying to give a voice to a whole sector, the music, which is greatly suffering.

The idea to face these difficulties differently comes to Samu Venturini, already known as Flash Terrorist and Knife’s voice/ rhythm guitarist, with several records and live shows performed not only nationally, but across Europe too.

Given the fact that we are talking about ‘Family’, he recruits people already well known to him and with whom he previously worked: Diego Cerchiaro, drummer of the already mentioned Flash Terrorist, Ale Di Bella, now bassist, otherwise known as guitarist of Oneself and Sticash, Mattia Borille as lead guitarist and already a Oneself’s member and finally Tony Hardina at the synth, ex member of Onelself and Knife.

This first album ‘Tentacles’ is already in Samu’s mind as a draft from summer 2019, after many years spent away from the Metal scene, to see if he still has what it takes to make good music.

In fact, during 2020, recording sessions begin, facing a good deal of difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown and quarantine. This however did not stop him to win this race against the odds, delivering a record filled with anger, power and a vision of ‘Mafia’ that goes beyond the stereotypes related to south Italy.