EXANIMATE - Release New Single Video "The Blackened Landscape"

Despite the worldwide pandemic lockdown from COVID-19 and the restrictions that came with it, Exanimate have been working non-stop since they made the beautiful city of Seattle, WA their home in early 2020. After releasing their debut album Luminous in early 2021 with label Modern Empire Music, vocalist Alex Zapata and guitarist Alec Skyler Journey release their second official music video for the song The Blackened Landscape.

Dealing with the emotional lows of the COVID-19 lockdown, The Blackened Landscape visits the extremes of the dark physical and mental seclusion many people experienced and are still experiencing over the pandemic. The video depicts a man’s dark mental state taking on a physical form, pulling him deeper into psychosis and facing the demon of his own mental health.

Get the single: https://ffm.to/exanimate