EVERY HOUR KILLS - Presents Their Darkest, Heaviest Material Yet On “Vacua”

Calgary’s formidable modern metal act Every Hour Kill’s has been shunning and breaking genre rules throughout their career with each release surpassing the last in musicianship and experimentation. The latest offering “Vacua” due out on October 8th is the biggest departure yet and although not everyone might like it; guitarist and primary songwriter Sacha Laskow wrote what he felt rather than trying to stick to a template of what the band ‘should’ sound like. According to him, fans of progressive music like himself are typically open to a range of sounds, influences, and emotions. He explains the sound change further:

“This record is a culmination of a dark, tumultuous fucked up year in the world and in my personal life, as it was for many people around the world. As lucky as I am to still have work and my basic needs met, the emotional rollercoaster still affected me strongly and I ended up unemployed for a period in 2020, and thus this EP was born. It is both more human in that I collaborated more strongly with new songwriters and Jei on vocals, but also more mechanical as I also wrote with the assistance of AI creation tools, and most of the instrumentation is programmed MIDI. I feel like this is my most honest work as a writer, to express what comes to mind rather than fit into a box or template of what Every Hour Kills ‘should’ sound like. It may alienate some people but so be it!”

Every Hour Kills is a rotating collective ensemble featuring the core of ex-Divinity / Enditol guitarist and producer Sacha Laskow, bassist Brent Stutsky (ex-Breach of Trust), along with vocalists Jei Doublerice (Despite Exile, Abiogenesis) and Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster (ex-Out of Your Mouth).

Each of the five tracks on “Vacua” were written for the EP, with no filler and nothing left on the cutting room floor. Track “Intransigent” was co-written with Calle Thomer (Vildhjarta, Humanity’s Last Breath) and tracks “Euclidian” and “Tenebrous” were co-written with Chris Wiseman (Currents, Shadow of Intent). The EP was produced, mixed, and mastered by Laskow along with EP artwork done by Erisis Red.

Recommended for fans of Born of Osiris, Periphery, and Vildhjarta, “Vacua” can be heard in full before it officially releases via its premiere on TheProgSpace HERE.

Track Listing: 

1. Palindrome (intro) (2:01) 
2. Vacua (3:28) 
3. Euclidian (2:57) 
4. Tenebrous (3:34) 
5. Intransigent (4:08)