DREAMEATER - Drops New Single 'Torment', The Last Peek To Their Upcoming Album 'Cold'

The final chapter before the release of UK post-metalcore outlet DREAMEATER’s new album is being brought forward today. This is ‘Torment’, the last peek taken from the upcoming debut full-length record 'Cold', which will be available worldwide on November 5th, 2021 via Famined Records.

Stream/Purchase 'Torment' here: https://sym.ffm.to/torment 
Stream/Purchase the album here: https://sym.ffm.to/coldalbum

In their album ‘Cold’, DREAMEATER takes listeners to a journey of this new narrative of a savage serial killer as he loses his control and his mind along with it. The album maintains its foundation of distress and torment, but with the harrowing addition of a person being pushed so far that they act on their most disturbing instincts.

To accompany and expand on the distressing stories that DREAMEATER tell lyrically, the band use their instruments to create a fitting sound with vicious guitar tones, hellish breakdowns, fast-paced and chaotic drums and a wide range of sinister vocals, both heavy and clean. DREAMEATER take influence from an array of genres, including metalcore and deathcore, but also from modern hip-hop and electronic music.