DEFENCES - Release New Track "Little Light"

Hertfordshire based alternative metal band Defences release ‘Little Light’ taken from their new album ‘In The Balance’ which is OUT NOW. Fans can purchase the album along with limited bundles HERE.

Vocalist Cherry Duesbury speaks on their latests single, commenting:

"I wanted to write something with a more hopeful tone but wasn't sure how... I'd written a lot about strength in the past, but I didn't feel strong anymore, so I wanted to write about that instead. I thought about the people that had helped me, and how we helped each other out of our darkness and into the light." Cherry adds. "Acceptance and hope are the prevalent themes... Acceptance of who we are, where we are, and hope for lighter days with the help of those we love..."

On the release of their brand new album ‘In The Balance’ Cherry adds:

"Time, Truth and Life are the elements that make up 'In The Balance', symbolised through artwork and affirmed through every song on this album. It's honest, heavy, hopeful and raw and we're so glad to finally share it with the world."

‘In The Balance’ arrives as a snapshot of primary lyricist and vocalist Cherry Duesbury’s experiences over the last few years; Glancing over the inevitable difficulties of a global pandemic as well as several pivotal cultural events. "We wrote this because we need to" exclaims Cherry. ‘In The Balance’ is the result of Defences looking for hope in the stark realities of life, facing them head-on to find positivity.

“A lot of the lyrics are based on internal struggles,” notes co-vocalist William Alex Young. It’s a snapshot in time, looking at humanity in both its glory and its struggles. “It’s incredibly honest”, Cherry adds. “It’s the most honest I have ever been in terms of lyrics.”

There’s a universality to this honesty with the band's recent single ‘False Gods.’ Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, Cherry used her personal reaction to comment on all humanity.

Hope bubbles under the surface of ‘In The Balance’ and underpins Defences’ attitude as a band. The songs emerge as a celebration of how humans deal with things that happen in their lives, how they understand and acknowledge those experiences, and what ultimately can be learned from them. And they do so with a powerful energy that perfectly blends the dual vocals with down-tuned instrumentation.

Joining several strong contemporaries, it continues their evolution from any norms in alternative metal. The guitars are heavier, the screams louder, but there’s still space for the melody to drive it forward. The album revels on both its energy and passion, yet lands on genuine positivity.

Cherry looks back at the hourglass, the heart, and the scales of justice emblazoned on the album's artwork commenting “It’s a time capsule of this moment in our lives, in any life. It’s about the experiences, the difficulties, the struggles that we all go through, and the eventual hope that we find.”

‘In The Balance’ which is OUT NOW. For more information head HERE. Be sure to catch Defences on tour at on one of the following dates:


22nd - Boston Music Room, London (Album Release Show) 
23rd - Black Prince, Northampton 
29th - Billy Bootleggers, Nottingham 
30th - Crofters Rights, Bristol 
31st – Holloween, Southampton

‘In The Balance’ Tracklisting:

1. Something More 
2. Say It 
3. Voices 
4. In The Black 
5. The Heart 
6. False Gods
7. Blue Candour
8. For What It's Worth
9. Ocean Floor
10. Little Light
11. Meant To Be