DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Release New Track, Announce New Album!

Canadian Hardcore Punk Legends Dayglo Abortions announce their upcoming album "Hate Speech" and release the first single "White People" which is now streaming at 

Murray adds - "This is track one of the soon to be released dayglo abortions album "Hate Speech". It tells a fictitious tale of a possible fate for the white Caucasian race. It doesn't have to play out like this but the way things are very well could.

More information and release date coming soon.

This album is dedicated to the people that helped us make it. Scott Bennet and Scott Henderson, for essentially talking me into making it, then offering their studio (the lap of luxury) so we could do the pre-praductlon Work while in the middle of Covid-19 induced lock-downs. Then Rob lawless, and Terry Paholek, for allowing us io Invade their studio (The physics lab) in Edmonton Alberta, and for the brilliant work the did making it sound so good. Next is Matt Jak and Sherry Benson, and family, for inviting us into their home and putting us up in Edmonton. And finally Tyson Cale Boyd and the people at The Starlight for putting on the show that paid our travel expanses. Well why the fuck stop there, The Edmonton Jak's for always rocking out with us, and all of you for supporting through the years. Cheers to all of you.