THE MAGIC BUS - Release Debut Album "Το Κάστρο"

It is high time “The Castle” opened its gates... and here it is! The Greek rockers “The Magic Bus” release their debut full-length album titled “ Το Κάστρο ” (The Castle) on September 1 st , 2021. Come join a ride filled with rock essence, intriguing lyrics and interesting compositions! The album can be found and purchased on the band’s Bandcamp page, in both physical and digital format.

Tο Κάστρο - tracklist 

1. Κοντό Φιτίλι (Konto Fitili / Short Fuze) 
2. Ταξίδι Εντός (Taksidi Entos / Inner Journey) 
3. Το Σπίτι του Αστερίωνα (To Spiti tu Asteriona / The House of Asterion) 
4. Ψυχοστασία (Psichostasia / Weighing of Soul) 
5. Το Κάστρο (To Kastro / The Castle) 
6. Παραμύθι (Paramithi / Fairytale) 
7. Σκονισμένα Μυστικά (Skonismena Mistika / Dusty Secrets) 
8. Η Πράσινη Νεράιδα (I Prasini Neraida / The Green Fairy) 
9. Υφαντόκοσμος (Ifadokosmos / Weaveworld) 
10. Στη Γη της Επαγγελίας (Sti Gi tis Epagelias / At the Promised Lan)

“The Magic Bus” started its journey in 2017. Since then, it covered many miles and played live in many cities, sharing the stage with some of the greek scene’s most well - known bands. This year the Bus steered towards its first album recording, titled “To K astro (The Castle)”