THE HUMAN VEIL - Release New Single Video "Enemies"

UK Metalcore outfit, The Human Veil have released a new single and music video "Enemies".

‘Enemies’ is an enormous new single from The Human Veil`s upcoming EP ‘The Hybrid Era’, the EP is planned to be released at the end of October. The track was nothing like they could have imagined and cannot compare to their other songs previously produced, and has since ended up being one of their strongest songs.

The main theme this song discusses is being haunted by bad memories and being stuck in the same place. So many people fall into the trap of not being able to let the past be the past and that leaves them paralysed, sometimes unable to grow or find forgiveness. In a lot of cases, these leads to people developing destructive habits and means of coping, ultimately causing them more pain along the way. ‘Enemies’ is all about that journey and finally just letting go, like the weight that’s been on your shoulders for so long.