SINNER SELF - Release New Single "Butcher"

Slovakian Deathcore/Metalcore outfit, Sinner Self have released a new single "Butcher".

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A band formed in the summer of 2019 in Košice, Slovakia where they decided to join a metalcore/deathcore scene with their addition of unique band composition. Metalcore with one guitar and keyboard is a thing you don't see very often and so they do their best to show you that there are no obstacles whatsoever. They are heavily influenced by popular metalcore and deathcore bands like Architects, Bring Me the Horizon, or Chelsea Grin.

A mix of metalcore with a touch of deathcore would be a statement that describes the sound of this band perfectly. They use heavy vocal techniques alongside instrumental with melodic elements of metalcore. Be ready to see this profile fill with new songs from their EP, which is already being recorded. It'll bring something new and unique for you to listen to.

Their second and latest single release "Last Time" is about a very personal matter. Lyrics are very deep and song instrumental is heavily influenced by effects and synthesizers. This fact gives a song a modern sound. The song contains a lot of emotion and soul. You can find calm parts there, heavy parts, melodic chorus, and also nasty breakdown. On the cover, you can see a skeletal hand holding a man, which is a sign of despair, but the man still has a chance to escape the putrid hell. Since the song has 3 vocalists (Singer, Screamer, Growler) song is really rich and full of surprises! This is their fourth song that has been written so look forward to hearing the rest of the songs soon!