SELLOUTS - Aim To Make Nu-Metal “Sick” Again With Debut Track

Electronic leaning nu-metal act Sellouts have just dropped their new single, the riff heavy “Sick.” With a sound straight off of the Spawn soundtrack and a video that would feel at home on a 1997 episode of MTV's 120 minutes, Sellouts are set to pickup the pieces of what's left of the Ozzfest crowd.

For Sellouts, “Sick” is not just their debut single, but it also serves as a jumping off point for the band's sound moving forward. “This was the first song the band ever created and it served as a general benchmark for the direction we thought we would go with the overall sound,” explains vocalist Mack Couch. “It's what originally defined what the overall art direction would be, and it is the song that brought us and our team together. It helped us realize how powerful the combination of simple, yet driving guitar riffs can be when paired with a great vocalist.”

“Sick” is the first of a six song EP that will be rolled out a single at a time over the next several months.

Sellouts have also released a video for the song, featuring striking visuals of vocalist Couch performing while tied to a chair in an abandoned warehouse. With the music and visuals in place, Sellouts is excited to get their art to the world. “We are extremely excited to premiere all of the content we've worked extremely hard on for so long, and we plan to continue creating content worthy and able to stand on its own on a world stage,” says Couch. “People don't remember everything they hear, but they never forget how something makes them feel. We hope to continuously instill in our listeners feelings of empowerment and nostalgia while exploring a wide variety of emotive moods and tone.”

Sellouts is at once both a throwback to the late 90s nu-metal sound of Limp Bizkit, Korn and Linkin Park and a nod to more current acts such as Bad Omens and Bring Me The Horizon. The goal of the band is to craft the most original and timeless sound that they can with splashes of nostalgia from early 2000’s nu-metal, while staying true to the powerful song structure and tone of modern metalcore and exploring the concept of dynamics even further with electronic dance elements.

Listen to "Sick" now on Spotify.