ROTTED THROUGH - Release New Video "To Stretch... to Tear..."

New England, Connecticut-based Horror Death Metal outfit, ROTTED THROUGH have released a new music video for "To Stretch... to Tear...", taken from the new album "/the_Depths".


1. Infinite_depths
2. What Does / B / Keep in the Freezer? 
4. The Silk_en Road 
5. .human Experiments 
6. Vile_encryption 
7. "Foul Enough to Eat" 
8. To Stretch... to Tear... 
9. /red/room 
10. That Which Is Abysmal 

Only the New England woods, damned for its witch trials, could produce horror infused death metal such as this. Macabre. Arousing. Vicious. The three piece group crafts a labyrinth of sound and you’ve no compass, light, or rope. The group focuses on crafting cohesive, themed, records developing the horror story they aim to tell. Everything is deliberate.