REPLACER - Drop New Single "Gaslight" (Feat. HARLEKIN)

Guildford, United Kingdom-based Beatdown outfit, REPLACER have dropped a new single "Gaslight" (Feat. HARLEKIN), taken from the upcoming album "Dejected", out October 5th.


1. Scars II 
2. No Longer (Ft. Ritual of Despair) 
3. Harm Fulfilment (Ft. Two-Piece) 
4. Aggravate (Ft. Revelations) 
5. Backbone (Ft. SPAWN OF DISGUST) 
6. He’s Still Here (interlude) 
7. Seed of Doubt (Ft. DEATHSQUAD) 
8. Gaslight (Ft. Harlekin) 
9. Circle of Cowards (re-record) (Ft. Elliot Newman) 
10. S.A.M. 
11. Dejected (Ft. BOUND IN FEAR)