PAINKILLER PARTY - Release New Album "It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood"

Some may celebrate it as “gangbanging instead of headbanging”, others are in shock, asking what and why – today you all are getting the answer because PAINKILLER PARTY’s second album “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood” via Dedication Records/Hopeless World Records is out now! Heavy Deathcore breakdowns with deep growls meet a sugary-sweet lollipop world, where sticky white liquids are the undefeated main theme.

The ones who weren’t scared away immediately by the mixture of porn comedy, childlike joy and heavy music will be able to find more depth beneath the surface. “It’s really frightening how often our music is misunderstood” says growler and band leader Josefine. “At first glance, my lyrics are about fun sex-adventures and everything seems to be a big child’s birthday party, only for adults – but with that we bring joy and happiness to people. Everyone can have fun and be happy, no matter how old. Everybody can be a porn star if they want to.”

“And despite our funny porn universe, we have professional music amongst the absurd lyrics – we write our music contrarily and flashily on purpose. And all that is done with high quality production,” tells drummer and background singer Noel.

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You can order this polarizing longplayer produced by ShrimpAudio (David Beule) here:

And if you’re already 18+, you can watch the recent single here:


01. Rising higher 
02. B*KK*K (This party sucks) 
03. It‘s never too late to have a happy childhood 
04. I‘m empty, you‘re full 
05. Nerdlove 
06. Lovebite Battle 
07. Well then, Max (We wrote a song for you) 
08. I‘m so glad you‘re my ex 
09. It‘s always the girlfriends (and sometimes it‘s the boyfriends) 
10. Gang Bang Tango 
11. Edgy 
12. Still fucking true