PAINKILLER PARTY - Release Music Video For Album “It’s Never Too Late To Have a Happy Childhood”

German Electro Deathcore outfit, PAINKILLER PARTY have released a new single and music video "It’s Never Too Late To Have a Happy Childhood", taken from the new album "It's never too late to have a happy childhood", out now via Gordeon Music.

“Our inner child could never be killed, no matter what happened. You can still be childish, even if you now have to pay rent or take out the trash”, says growler Josefine in the interview with the Orkus!-magazine. And therefore the new music video for the same-titled spectacular, crazy and lovable album “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood” gets released on top!

Whether inflatable penises at the couch or lick candy as foreplay – PAINKILLER PARTY celebrate being an adult and being able to do everything children want to but can’t or even things adults want to do but don’t dare to: Be it yo-yoes or Magic cards or even the symbolic castration of the ex-partner one had in common… You’ll see it in the video.

Deathcore party in a kindergarten? Or a child’s birthday party in the moshpit? PAINKILLER PARTY are the haven for everyone who wasn’t voted in PE class, for the ones that didn’t show interest in football or joining the youth-firefighters, in short: all of the outsiders who still want to be happy. Fuck childhood, it’s never too late to be happy!