OUR LAST CRUSADE - Release New Single "Heatvision"

Calgary, Alberta-based Metalcore/Deathcore outfit, Our Last Crusade have released a new single "Heatvision".

Get the single: https://ourlastcrusade.bandcamp.com/

The band commented:

While we’ve been exploring different sounds with each new single in the last little while, we really wanted to bring the energy up in "Heatvision". We took inspiration from some older roots and mixed those in with our signature sound while continuing to try new things, resulting in a chaotic, fast, and just plain fun track. Based on the source material for the lyrics, Dune and Dune: Messiah, we tried to craft a similarly chaotic and melange-infused visualizer to complement the track. Lose yourself in the spice-agony, this is going to be one to go all out to live and to thrash your living room to at home. We hope everyone has an absolute blast with “Heatvision”, enjoys the experimenting we’ve been doing, and looks forward to more OLC because we’re definitely not going to be taking our foot off the throttle for future releases.