NECROTICGOREBEAST - Unleash Video For New Single "Deviant Primitive Debauchery"

Canadian Brutal Death Metal outfit, NECROTICGOREBEAST have released a new single and music video "Deviant Primitive Debauchery", taken from the upcoming album "Human Deviance Galore", out October 1, 2021 via Comatose Music.

Tearing their way through the brutal death metal underground, NecroticGoreBeast have returned! The second album from the Quebecois war machine, ‘Human Deviance Galore’ will be unveiled by Comatose Music on October 1st and the stunning musical dexterity, inhuman vocal delivery and bone-breaking riffs will leave no doubt as to who is the heaviest band in the goddamn world. Setting new standards for the genre as they execute a scorched earth policy of devastation, nothing will withstand the onslaught of ‘Human Deviance Galore’! In this bloody pit of sick and violent music no one will be left standing... prepare to be violated and destroyed!