MORTEM OBSCURAM - Stream New Album "Eradication of the Human Endeavor"

Orchestral Tech Death Metal outfit, MORTEM OBSCURAM is streaming below their new album "Eradication of the Human Endeavor".

Mortem Obscuram was first created in late November, 2020. The band started in Rockledge, Florida with Dale Urban. Dale started the project by constructing the structure of the songs by writing the orchestral parts and guitars parts. Dale then found Drigo in Orlando, Florida. Drigo's gift in drums stood out, and so Drigo was recruited for the record. Drigo is extremly talented and dedicated to his craft. Dale later befriended Danny Villarreal who lives in Texas; and he agreed to write lyrics and record vocals. Danny was the one that came up with the band name, Mortem Oscuram, which is translated from Latin to "Obscure Death."

Danny and Dale are in another band called, "Salem Burning", in which Danny showcases more of his guitar work. Danny is a awesome vocalist and Mortem is thankful to work with him.

Jeremy Voncino-Montpetit lives in Canada, and joined the project in November. He plays bass for the album; as well as mixed and master the album in Ezerath Studios. He also has a band of his own by the name of "Ezerath". Jeremy is a very talented musicain and artist.

Dale asked Matias Quiroz to write some wicked solos for some of the songs on the album and once Matias heard the music he couldn't resist. Matias lives in Chile, South America. Matias is also know for his awesome work with bands like "Bleak Flesh" and "Motus Insaniam."

Will Lunden also has a solo on two songs, "Tormented Sanity" and "A Fallen Kingdom". He was asked to add some of his wizardry, and he delivered. Will is also know for his project, "The Beast of Nod", in which Maitas Quiroz is also a part of.

Angel Gabriel was also recorded a solo on the song, "Tormented Sanity". Angel is an amazing guitarist located out of Orlando, Florida and plays for a Deathmetal band called, "Haunted."