JOHN CXNNOR - Drop New Single Video "Red Eye" ft. Andreas Bjulver of CABAL

The Danish dark industrial/electronic group JOHN CXNNOR who also makes up half of LLNN have teamed up with Andreas Bjulver of Danish downtuned demolishers CABAL to unleash their new single “Red Eye” upon the world.

“Red Eye” is dark descent into a dystopian future inspired by the Terminator universe, brought to life through punishing percussions, scathing synths and ferocious vocals.

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About John Cxnnor:

John Cxnnor (DEN) is a new electronic, industrial noise act consisting of dark beats and multiple guest vocalists inspired by the sonic and visual universe surrounding the Terminator franchise and other classic 80's movies of that time. Formed by the two brothers, Ketil and Rasmus G. Sejersen, who are also members of the post-apocalyptic metal group, LLNN (Pelagic Records).

The duo incorporates a variety of styles, including trip hop, doom metal and sci-fi movie scores in their music productions including self-produced sound recordings of hydraulic crushed metal scraps and music instruments trashed with hammers.

Earlier this year John Cxnnor released their debut single ft. the dark-folk artist THE DEVIL'S TRADE (Season Of Mist) titled "Dead Sister Merope".