GAMMA TAURI SPAWN - Release New Single "Utu"

Experience the deep mythical knowledge of ancient mystery and cosmic horrors, unbound in a pure and brutal manner. Savage rites of forgotten cultures, Abominations out of the void space Betwixt the stars...

Germany's Death metal newcomers offer a serving of ferocious death metal with their debut single release "utu" Available as of Friday 3rd September 2021 on all streaming platforms!

Hailing from the very land that gave us the likes of Necrophagist, Defeated Sanity and Obscura, Gamma Tauri Spawn have been working in the shadows of these plague-ridden times of lockdowns to hone their style of ferocious blasting death metal that drives in the vein that any given Suffocation, Nile, Cannibal corpse fan will surely gladly blast out this dose of dm.

UTU is a short sweet burst of a taste of what's to come from this Unit of savage musical battery!