FALLING GIANT - Release New Single Video "Perseverance"

Italian Alternative Rock/Metal outfit, Falling Giant have released a new single and music video "Perseverance".

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'Falling Giant' is an Alternative Metal/Alternative Rock band from Rome, formed in 2017 after a chance meeting between the actor Gaetano Marsico (lead voice of the band) and Filippo Valentini (rhythm guitar), Luca Sebastianelli (lead guitar) and Federico Loretucci (bass guitar), through an announcement in which it was written that the band was looking for a singer. With the arrival of Matteo 'Sauron' Spalletti (drums) the team was completed. In 2018 the band began its apprenticeship in the underground reality of Rome, self-producing their songs and videos, combining their passion for music with the visual and imaginative work of cinema. The band's sound is a compromise between Alternative Metal and Alternative Rock, with electronic and cinematic influences, looking for dark, sensual, powerful and elegant atmospheres.