BETWEEN OCEANS - Present Their Final Single "Signal"

Copenhagen-based metalcore quintet BETWEEN OCEANS deliver a blend of bone shattering breakdowns, rifferama and catchy melodies. Today they present the fourth and final single before releasing their upcoming album - check out 'Signal' and the accompanying lyric video above.

Most people have probably tried to be in a relationship where a sense of tension builds up to the point where there becomes a distance between the people involved. The conversations don’t flow anymore, the silence becomes deafening and 'love you’ s don’t feel sincere but more so mundane. 'Signal' is an attempt to embody that feeling of loneliness in a relationship between two people", the band explains.

Through the years, the quintet has shared the stage with many of the Danish metal scene’s top players such as Ghost Iris, Daze of June, Cold Black and more. With the release of their debut EP ‘Oxymoron’ in 2018, they amassed over 800 k streams across streaming platforms as well as being added to rotation on multiple radio stations and official playlists. For the upcoming debut album the band has teamed up with producer and engineer Nicklas Sonne (Defecto, TigerSwan, Beneath the Silence), to create an album of international caliber.

‘Signal’ is already available on all streaming services.