AXTY - Share Video For New Single "Walk Away"

Brazilian Metalcore outfit, AXTY have released a new single and music video "Walk Away".

The band started in 2016, named Anxiety, as a solo project of Felipe Hervoso, which was struggling with anxiety and depression at the time and found in music a form of therapy. After some early releases, still searching for its own musical identity, the project’s goal was defined: to expand, through music, the awareness of anxiety in modern society and its associated problems, helping those who suffer to overcome the disease. The band’s name was changed to AXTY – an abbreviation of Anxiety, chosen for its authenticity and project fit – then the first single, “Persist . Resist”, still an instrumental track, was released. In 2019 came the need of vocals on the songs, to increase the expression of the band's message with words. Since then, Felipe Hervoso started to act as a singer as well and two singles were released: “77” and “Dark Eyes”. Both tracks opened a new horizon of musical possibilities and led to a project expansion with the entrance of two new members: Guilherme Pagani and Jonathas Peschiera. As the last rearrangement in 2021, Gabriel Vacari and Felipi Grivol joined the group, and AXTY defined it’s line-up. The range of musical influences of the band members is big and that translates to the songs, that goes from acoustic ballads to extreme modern metal, with nuances of Djent, Progressive Metal, Dubstep and Trap, all blended with a solid Metalcore foundation.