WANDERER - Release “Bourn” Video

Minneapolis, Minnesota hardcore/grindcore quartet WANDERER presents a studio-filmed video for “Bourn” – a track from their recently released debut LP, Liberation From A Brutalist Existence – premiered originally by No Echo. Watch the video below!

WANDERER is extremely thrilled to finally release a record that saw many delays due to the global pandemic. Delivering ten caustic tracks in just over twenty-three minutes, the lyrics discuss topics such as escapism, suicide, self-reflection, the concept of beauty, and existential trauma.

Guitarist/vocalist Brent Ericson reveals, "While writing this track, we referred to what is kind of our ‘philosophy’ when writing: doing the smartest dumb thing or the dumbest smart thing. The song has some familiar-feeling parts, but we also try to subvert your expectations at the same."

In their recent glowing review of the record, No Echo writes in part, “On Liberation From a Brutalist Existence, WANDERER find themselves playing heavier than they ever have before as they expand their sound with elements of death metal and harsh noise… WANDERER are clearly pushing themselves and setting new standards for what their personal excellence can be which ultimately leads to questions of how they can continue to grow.”