THE HUMAN VEIL - Open Eyes With Powerful New Track "Alive"

‘Alive’ is the first single release of the Human Veil`s brand new EP ‘The Hybrid Era.’

The entire EP has a theme of reflection. A representation of mental battles and the hills that have been climbed in order to survive. It waves at the demons that everyone face daily but brings reality that some succumb to the pressure and sadly can`t overcome them.

Like many mental illness themes within the genre, depression and suicide are becoming increasingly spoken of in order to bring awareness to the topic whilst be-ridding of the stigma, and The Human Veil have produced a track that is nothing but honest and eye opening.

“‘Alive’ was one song where I pretty much said ‘f*** it’ and wrote exactly what was on my mind.” The track originally wasn’t going to feature in the EP due to its raw nature, however that is exactly why it will resonate with so many others. It is a song to inspire people not to have another drink, or to self-harm; a sign to not end your life and to just escape from reality for a brief moment in time. “The world can be a daunting place, especially if you hate yourself.”

The Human Veil want to represent those that do not necessarily have a voice or have not learnt to speak up to their demons yet. Their primary goal for the EP is for people to know within themselves that they are not destined to be unhappy; by finding a solid support network and learning to self-love is imperative to live a content life. The Human Veil found that writing and recording the EP in the middle of a pandemic came with many challenges, such as composing their instrumental pieces individually before sending the tracks off to be professionally mixed and mastered. Having to bounce feedback back and forth with the producer slowed down the final process of the EP but made it all the more worthwhile.

When the band released their previous EP ‘Fractures’, they were happy with how it turned out, but followed no logic or concept. This time around, they wanted the entirety to fuse nicely and tell a story from beginning to end. They make it clear though that although their sound is more melodic, they won’t stop making heavier tracks in the future. The band believe the time to slow down and reflect on their music has been a blessing and an important part of the song writing process as well as personal growth. The dynamic of The Human Veil has changed as they now feel they are a solid unit, where they can escape in their art and be in a safe place in their minds.