TALLAH - Release New Single Video "Vanilla Paste" (feat. Fire From The Gods, Chelsea Grin, Guerrilla Warfare)

Nu-Metal outfit, Tallah have released a music video for their brand new single "Vanilla Paste" featuring Garett Hood (Guerrilla Warfare), AJ Channer (Fire From The Gods) & Tom Barber (Chelsea Grin/Darko/ex-Lorna Shore).

"The song is basically about having bullshit forced down your throat, whether it is lies from the media, unimportant drama, abuse from a significant other, etc. "Vanilla paste" represents something you are digesting, which has no nutritional value or substance. It is just... flavoured paste. It tastes sweet and stimulates your senses, but it is not actually doing anything for you. You cannot survive off of nothing, and that is what that crap is... nothing. In this song, we have people who have been fed this "nothing" their whole lives, and they are tired of it. They are ready to make a change." Justin Bonitz