POINTS OF CONCEPTION - Stream New Album, Release Full Album Movie

Austrian Metalcore outfit, POINTS OF CONCEPTION have released a full album movie, where you can stream the whole new album "Honor The Fallen".


1. Honor The Fallen 
2. Alone In The Darkness 
3. Transformation 
4. Mortal – Immortal 
5. Find Our Way Out 
6. My Conviction 
7. Moments 
8. Reshape 
9. Times Of Darker Days 
10. Consequences Of Failure 
11. The Faceless God 
12. Fighting For The Life I Live

Get the album: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/pointsofconception/honor-the-fallen

Blasting right out of the Austrian metal scene, Points Of Conception are a metalcore band with lyrics that contain lots of emotion. Their music is about inner fights and demons and how to cope them to make your own life worthwhile. Discussing problems in the society and try building bridges where others want to exclude human beings is their way of living life and also writing music. Being indpendent, Points of Conception released their first Ep in 2019. After that they focused on releasing singles from their upcoming first full length, which will be released in early 2021. Heavy riffs, fast drums, harsh screams and melodic vocals describe their music the best. With influences like As I Lay Dying and Killswitch Engage they create pure Metalcore music. Join them on their journey which has been exciting so far BUT there is also so much more to come! After their cover version of Eskimo Callboy's "Hypa Hypa" they released "Alone in the Darkness" and "Find Our Way Out" with massive success.