OVTSIDER - Release New Compilation 'A Necessary End'

Adelaide's Hardcore Heavyweights Ovtsider are back with their crushing new compilation 'A Necessary End' oozing with their signature relentless raw intensity wrapped in a high quality production package! Comprised of two heavy hitting tracks, both 'Disgust' & 'Decay' encapsulate the band's unique syncopated instrumentation and modal choices that give rise to their visceral soundscapes.

'Disgust' projectiles the listener into a maelstrom of djent riffs, brutal breakdowns and fierce vocals serving up a high impact auditory onslaught in its terse runtime. Whereas 'Decay' highlights a broader spectrum of Ovtsider's songwriting, expansive choice of tones and grooves, stripped-back passages interweaved with ominous leads and a healthy smattering of Tom Drizners vocals that send chills down your spine. With an Official Music Video soon to be released, 'A Necessary End' is a seamless musical package of cool defiance and taut aggression showcasing a band that is bold and confident in their ferocious sound.

Drizners on the new release "Lyrically the theme is a continuation of previous singles 'Blood', and 'Coward'; but this time starting the transition from anger into pain. Both 'Disgust' and 'Decay' play on the opening line 'Hear my pain'; a lot of the time when you have strong admiration for people when you finally take a step back and see the pain they have been causing by being manipulative narcissists your whole world can be rattled, sometimes they don't realise they are doing it, but when confronted they also can't accept it. 'A Necessary End' welcomes the songwriting of our new guitarist Josh, which brings a more finished sound while keeping the same raw call-out nature expected from previous singles. This release is compiled from feelings of resentment and frustration towards people who do nothing else but let you down, and hopefully the lyrics and video are able to portray that message"

Following successful releases of singles such as 'Blood' and 'Coward', the band shared stages with Heavyweights such as Justice For The Damned, Starve, and DREGG. Now with the release of 'A Necessary End', Ovtsider are here to make a statement in the Australian Heavy Music Scene and beyond!

'A Necessary End' is Out Now via https://linktr.ee/ovtsider/