Swiss metallers OPHELIA’S EYE have just unleashed their towering new EP, "Fight For Us", which you can stream below!

Pulling from As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage and Arch Enemy, OPHELIA’S EYE have arrived to destroy your world with their magnificent mixture of original modern metal. Although the early roots and previous incarnations of the band can be drawn back to before 2020, it wasn’t until just prior to last year that OPHELIA’S EYE solidified their line-up and refined their sound. Now with an impressive line-up featuring: Michel Egloff-Sieber (Vocals), Remo Lemp (Lead Guitar), Corinne Ryter (Rhythm Guitar), Marco Schweizer (Drums), and Sandro Suter (Bass), OPHELIA’S EYE are braced to strike out.

The underground are picking up on OPHELIA’S EYE with many blogs and grass roots radio supporting the band’s manifesto. Popular alterative website RGM revelled in the riff slingers’ previous single, Fight For Us, remarking: “Their sound is one of anger, animosity, and downright wickedness, and it’s amazing that it has the stamina to not drop from its intensity throughout.”

The Euro metallers’ new EP, Fight For Us, is a welcomed barrage of the senses and everything that a metal record should be: Vigorous, spirited but still melodic, rhythmic, rapid, and jammed with hammering riffs and powerful vocals. Guitarist Corinne Ryter discusses the record: “The goal of the EP is to take the listener on a musical journey with deep abysses and captivating riffs and show the band's enthusiasm and versatility. The sound production was influenced by everyone from Parkway Drive and In Flames to Periphery.”

With live shows in the works and armed with a scorching EP, OPHELIA’S EYE will climb swiftly.


1. Fight For Us 
2. Speak Words Of Destruction 
3. Ophelia's Eye