NINTSHAFT - Release New Video "Mars"

Russian Doom Metal outfit, Ninthshaft have released a new music video for their single "Mars".

The band commented:

Haven't you ever wondered why during 3 billion years of life on the Earth considerable problems began only after humans had appeared on it? Don't you think about what you do, buy, eat, where you throw away your waste? Don't you contemplate why exactly you, and you, and all of us cause the death of everything we touch? Every one of the 7 billion is involved. Every human that lives on the planet wants to get everything at once but will get only a desert unless they realize their actions. The Earth people are inevitably turning their planet into Mars, which they have been exploring with so much curiosity. And if you want to help us save the planet, watching the video saves one tree and a comment on YouTube — one hectare of forest. Just do it.