MEMORIST - Reveal New Single "Second Sequence"

UK Alternative Metal outfit, Memorist have released a new single and music video "Second Sequence".

Speaking about ‘Second Sequence’ vocalist Jon says “ Despite being called “Second Sequence”, this song was actually the first to be written (instrumentally) as part of the new material that we are now releasing. Interestingly, it’s the only song that we have ever written as a band in our practice space when rehearsing, rather than writing it either collaboratively in the studio or remotely in our respective home studios. This is also the first song we’ve written to be seeded by Benji (drums) who came up with beats for the verse and chorus on the spot for Chris and Ash (guitars) to write their parts to, with the goal of achieving a pace in the song that we had not really built into any of our singles so far. Lyrically, the song came together much later and was guided heavily by experiences in Jon’s (vocals) life towards the end of 2020, resulting in “Second Sequence” being the first song to be started, but the last one to be finished.”

“Second Sequence” catalogues the changing dynamics in a family with two young children. The verses consider how parents adapt and overcome with their children; firstly, the lengths to which a father goes to so that he can help as best he can a mother who struggles with a lack of sleep and a loss of identity, through to a shift in the mother’s personality and attitudes towards both him and the children as time goes on. The chorus deals with the aftermath of a terrible tragedy, the levelling of blame towards the father and sheer abandonment by the mother despite the father’s best actions to hold the family together. This culminates in the feeling of isolation and disintegration felt by the father as his family collapses around him; desolate and destitute.

Memorist aim to challenge the expectations of modern rock, juxtaposing atmospheric soundscapes and electronic elements with challenging lyrical themes and explosive, melodic choruses. Laced with satisfying musical textures, Memorist are experts in building tension, crafting carefully considered movements that listeners can identify with.

Memorist’s future releases will continue to confront potent emotional themes, as the band wish for their music to catalogue the adversity faced in our most testing of times. 2020 looks to be a promising year for this English 5-piece.