LUNAR WOODS - Release New Single "Dead End"

Desert Rock from the frozen depths of Russian Forests, LUNAR WOODS has released a new single "Dead End".  Their sound could be described as Stoner Metal spiced with DEFTONES emotions, grungy ALICE IN CHAINS tones and progressive vibes of TOOL.

Few words about ‘Dead End’ single:

The track brings up the subject of relations with people who disappear from our lives for different reasons. The ways suddenly part and each one continues living their own life. The unpleasant aftertaste and bad feelings are what remain deep inside.

In general, the song expresses the idea that relationships between people sometimes simply do not work, however much you want to believe the opposite. Lost time and unreasonable hopes start driving you mad. Self-scrutiny and useless ambivalences can only give rise to anger, incomprehension and feeling of being isolated. Pieces of the puzzle do not fell into place, and everything simply stops moving. The feeling of a dead end, of being pushed into the corner makes a man weak and vulnerable. This feeling is alien to a human. That is why in such situations one just wants to let it go and move forward. The mood of the song seems like a blamestorming. Though, if you make a deep dive, the song is more about something different. The second part of the song, which is flowing from the first one, gives this sense of sorrow and despair hanging in the air.