KINGSMEN - Pay Tribute To 30th Anniversary Of Metallica's "Black Album" With Cover of "Sad But True"

Rhode Island metalheads KINGSMEN are paying homage today to the 30th anniversary of METALLICA's seminal self-titled masterpiece the "Black Album" with a faithful rendition of the classic song "Sad But True." Their hard-hitting cover is streaming now and a music video can be viewed at The band will take part in a live discussion about Metallica, the cover and upcoming tour at 1:45PM PT/4:45PM ET today at

Commenting on the track, the band states:

"Metallica’s black album was monumental to our growth as musicians. Their presence as a band is unmatched, uplifting and inspiring. As an aggressive band, we decided it was best to honor them by recording a true to the roots cover of their heaviest track, "Sad But True". Everything from the equipment to the recording techniques are 'to a T' the same as Metallica did in 1991. We wanted to show patronage to them by covering the song in a similar way to how they recorded it… but with an extra aggressive edge."

KINGSMEN will return to the stage for the first time this fall, opening for VOLUMES, in support of their 2020 debut full-length album, "Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery," which is available for purchase/stream now from SharpTone Records