JUNCTION 28 - Premieres Video For New, Charged Single "Don't Say"

After the zestful "Suffocate", English alternative metal act Junction 28 now releases the second single off the group's debut EP ("Before You Drown“, now available everywhere) - the adrenalizing and charged "Don't Say"! Further pushing the group’s stylistic evolution, this song takes the sounds of traditional metal, nu-metal and post-hardcore, and infuses them with a heavy focus on sampling and electronics, integrating unconventional dance rhythms and groove into the band’s already rich sonic palette. Topically, it discusses the disparities of a fraught romantic relationship, examining the wasteful and destructive cycles that will result in its end. "Don't Say" is an integral part of Junction 28's first EP - “Before You Drown” - named for the final lyrics on closing track “Walls”. The release, as a whole, explores themes of mental well-being and identity, each song taking a new perspective on the ways our psychological state shapes who we are, our relationships, and our place in the world around us. The EP also marks a dynamic shift in the band’s song-craft as well, bringing together influences both new, old, and wildly varied into an experience that will both surprise and inspire a whole new audience of avid listeners.

Commenting on the most recent installment of the band's activity, Junction 28 provides further details about the respective release: "We wanted to tell the story of a person, who believes they have to act out and pretend they have this wild lifestyle in order to get people to like them. The irony is they are just pushing away the people they are trying to attract, while doing so."

Junction 28's debut EP - "Before You Drown", featuring "Suffocate" and "Don't Say" - is now available everywhere!


1. "Exist/Forget" 
2. "Suffocate" 
3. "Edge Of Hatred" 
4. "Don't Say" 
5. "Walls"