DECIMALS - Stream New Album "Symmetry"

Barcelona, Spain-based Progressive Rock/Metal outfit, DECIMALS is streaming below their new album "Symmetry".

The band commented:

“Symmetry”, our first full-length album, is based on a multiversal Space odyssey.

It’s a concept work that tells a space-related story of events and communication between different parallel universes and its inhabitants.

An ode of survival and death in a space-time fabric.

The album has an OST format, divided into different chapters.


CHAPTER I: Regret - Signals - Cryptic Existence - Atlas

CHAPTER II: Pillars Of Destruction - Keep Safe From The Rain - Redemption

CHAPTER III: Circle Of Eternity - Self-Reflect - Beyond The Gate

EPILOGUE - Echo ---- Into The Circle ---- Dying Waves ---- Legacy