BLIND SUMMIT - Return With New Single Video "Like Water"

New progressive metal heavyweight single from Blind Summit asks the listener to take a journey through a plethora of creative masterpieces through visual and deeply meaningful lyrics.

‘Like Water’ is a single personal to vocalist Alexandra ‘Ali’ Angelini, who speaks about her fear of the possibility of life becoming monotonous and how she desperately doesn’t want to fall into contentment.

The fear of a standard format in life, working to live, ruled by societal norms and forced to endure the same pre-ordained schedule day-in-day-out, in which everything is already decided for you.

Ali explains, “This is not to look down on anyone who is happy with contentment; It’s just a standpoint of feeling so out of the mould we’re supposed to fit into. Instead, it’s an open question for anyone else who feels the same - are we supposed to accept what we’ve been given, or do we strive for more?”

Drummer, Will Windsor, who had a major role to play in the creation of the song, write the instrumentals at a pivotal turning point in his life. “I was in a very odd place at the time of writing, and while trying to find the right path to walk emotionally, I wrote the instrumental to the song.”

The single was titled as ‘Like Water’ in a draft, which referred to Bruce Lee’s famous quote about his philosophy of adapting to changes in life.

Coincidentally, this resonated with the band members and the lyrics, and ended up being the title of the finished track. The single comes as the first instalment to the bands upcoming EP ‘Hell and Heresy’, which will release on 26th November 2021. And depicts the every-day slavery, emotional difficulties and hardships humankind can experience throughout existence. It's a revolutionary epilogue masterfully written as a means to create kindred spirit of hope and togetherness amongst listeners alike.

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