BILLY BOY IN POISON - Present Fourth and Final Single 'Supremacy'

With their unique take on death metal and their modern, razor-sharp sound, BILLY BOY IN POISON now present the fourth and final single before releasing their third album 'Umbra'. Kickstart the weekend with this short and to the point banger - watch the accompanying lyric video for 'Supremacy' above.

“Our new single combines a heavy and driving verse with a damn catchy chorus. Being one of the most political songs we have done to date, the lyrics deal with inequality, racism and how the top 1% divides and conquers”, guitarist Mikkel Ellung Larsen explains.

On the coming full-length album 'Umbra', the band has worked with renowned sound engineer and producer Chris Kreutzfeldt (MØL, Cabal, Ghost Iris) to create a modern soundscape with a stronger focus on songwriting and memorability. 'Umbra' is set to be released on September 10 through Prime Collective.

The single ‘Supremacy' is already available on all streaming services.


1. Lost It All 
2. Blinded (feat. Scott Kennedy) 
3. Umbra 
4. Supremacy 
5. White Hills (feat. CABAL) 
6. Before We Erase It 
7. Kissed by the Sun 
8. Black Sky 
9. The Ancient One 
10. Temptress