AURIN - Release New Single "Over It"

New Jersey-based Hard Rock band Aurin portray a completely honest and relatable feeling of being fed up with the daily grind, and working mediocre jobs in their upcoming single “Over It”.

Vocalist Sarah Anderson Wayne harnesses an edgy and energetic performance over a track that could perfectly be described as if the bands Paramore and Trivium had a baby.

“It has been a crazy year and a half, and a lot of essential workers have been feeling both fed up and underappreciated. We feel this on a very personal level. This song channels that feeling with a sort of dark humor, and an account of all the mindless things we all do to distract ourselves from our problems. As a band, we wanted to create something upbeat, catchy/fun, yet still tragic for people to be able to sing along to and relate. This song encompasses all of those emotions. “

– Vocalist/Songwriter, Sarah Anderson Wayne

The video for “Over It” which is set for release on 9/3/21, revolves around an alien abduction and the story of how each of the band-mates wind up getting abducted during a day in their personal lives. It is both well executed and humorous on many different levels, with scenes that mirror the lyrics, such as “I hope to get taken by aliens, because this world kind of sucks”.

Aurin’s 2019 release “Serotonin” (produced by Grammy award nominated Mike Ferretti [Sevendust, Thank you Scientist, Saliva]), debuted at #1 on Amazon Hard Rock Best Sellers, #10 in overall Rock, and has since had over 220,000 streams on Spotify. Most recently, the band has been out on the road and playing live shows throughout the Northeast Coast. They will also be performing at this year’s Blue Ridge Rock Festival in Danville, VA September 9th-12th.

“Over It” is available on all digital media platforms from today August 27, 2021, including Spotify & Apple Music.