AURA OF BIRTH - Release New Single Video "Terminal Ascent" Feat. Jonathan Carpenter

Canadian Progressive Metal outfit, AURA OF BIRTH have released a new single and music video "Terminal Ascent" feat. Jonathan Carpenter, taken from their debut album "Immersive".

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“Although the contrast between intense and serene is constantly present, I feel like the overall vibes of this album are uplifting and just fun to jam to. Lyrically, it has futuristic language and references to someone chasing and bettering themselves for their partner. Behind that story line, I am speaking from the heart about my own journey with my wife Karisten and how I am better for having access to her heart and mind. I feel like I’ve been disassembled in some ways and continue to evolve and create, using our struggles and challenges to be better equipped for everything that is to come.” - Jonathan Carpenter