AISLES - Release New Single Video "Megalomania"

Chilean rock outfit Aisles has unveiled their new single "Megalomania," accompanied by a cinematic music video . The track is now available across all streaming platforms via Presagio Records, and comes from the outfit's long-awaited fifth studio album due out early next year-the name of which remains under wraps. The new single marks the third release from the group's forthcoming full-length, the followup to the single "Disobedience," and it's predecessor "Fast."

The music video, an "ode to the darkness" and the nostalgia one can feel for what was left behind and what pushes you forward, was directed by the renowned Chilean filmmaker Bernardo Quesney (Gianluca, Fármacos, Gepe) and written by the band's guitarist Germán Vergara.

"The music video is about an unconventional relationship between three people who live together. They love each other, they share a home, but their relationship comes to an end. The video depicts how family can look different to different people, and how, no matter what kind of relationship it is, splitting up can lead to very dark places.” - Germán Vergara

The track was recorded at the renowned recording studio Estudio del Sur, and produced by Angelo Marini and Germán Vergara. Pepe Lastarria (Kuervos del Sur, Nunca Seremos Dichosos) mixed the record, and mastering came by way of American engineer Randy Merrill (Muse, Paul McCartney, Beck, Liam Gallagher).

The group, formed by Germán Vergara, Felipe Candia, Rodrigo Sepúlveda (guitar), Juan Pablo Gaete (keyboard), Israel Gil (vocalist) and Daniel Concha (bass), is currently finishing their fifth studio album, which will be out early 2022. For this new album, they have left behind the dreamy tropes and sounds of their 2016 effort “Hawaii,” to open up to a more direct and powerful sound influenced by bands like Porcupine Tree, Rush and Animals As Leaders.

“We have done a very exhaustive job: we put pressure on ourselves to change our paradigm,” says Vergara.