VILEGLOOM - Release New Single Video "Suicidal Ideation"

Portland, Oregon-based Downtempo Deathcore outfit, VILEGLOOM have released a new single and music vdieo "Suicidal Ideation".

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The band commented:

Going into this, we wanted to be very clear on the sensitivity of the subject matter that our new EP consists of.

These thoughts and attempts are something that many people have or still are going through, and as many of us in the band have experienced, these things affect either our personal lives or the lives of those around us in a major way.

Everyone deals with their struggles differently, and for us this EP worked as a huge outlet to let many of those thoughts and feelings out, and gave them a place to reside outside of our own minds. Although the contents of these songs are dark, we intend for them to be a release or an outlet for anyone with these issues, and to show that you are not alone in the way that you think or feel, and that it is possible to manifest those thoughts and action's outside of actually performing them.

We hope you find peace, no one should ever have to feel this way or think they are alone in this. We as a band advocate mental health awareness, and urge you to reach out to any of us or talk to someone if you are feeling this way. There is always help out there, sometimes it just takes a step in the right direction.